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Thursday, April 12, 2007

A real wake up call

Feb 12

It is one of those mornings when I really hate Guantanamo Bay Prison. In fact, it is anger I feel. How did the government get away with destroying habeas corpus rights in this country… in MY country? In 2003, when I was working on the documentary about civil liberties issues post 9/11, Unconstitutional, there were few stories in the American press about the prison. I had a good friend who would regularly call up reporters at NPR and say, “Hey, I really liked that story about Guantanamo Bay today.” The sur prised reporter would reply, “What story?” And he would shout back, “EXACTLY!” It was the kind of phone call I wanted to make to everyone in the nation. Instead, I dialed my good friend and creative collaborator Peggy Weil. There was this grant I just found that I was thinking we ought to apply for…

Learning to Navigate Second Life

(posted by ndlp)
One of my favorite moments occurs in a sort of newbie location called Japan Resort hanging out in a hot tub with a raw but effective translation program attached to my avatar. Joining me in the “bubbling water” are avatars controlled by someone in Japan, three people in Brazil and someone from Italy. We actually have a conversation through the translator program. I am having fun, but man, oh, man I can see the possibilities for interaction and diplomacy without the hindrances of geography, culture or language.

Now how to apply all of these experiences to our project…