Machinima Report

Friday, March 21, 2008

Gone Gitmo at Conferences

To date, Gone Gitmo has been presented at the following conferences:

Women in Film and Television International 2007 Conference in Toronto
Latino International Film Festival and Media Conference 2007 in Los Angeles
National Alliance of Media Arts and Culture 2007 Conference in Austin
National Black Programming Consortium 2007 New Media Institute in Jackson
National 2007 PBS Content Summit in San Francisco
Sundance 2008 New Frontiers Panel - as part of Alternative Storytelling for New Media Platforms
2008 National Association of Latino Independent Producers Conference in Dana Point (NALIP) 2008 SilverDocs in Washington, DC

Ported Gone Gitmo to ACLUs Progressive Island for ACLU Second Life event, January 11th, 2008

2007 Seton Hall Law School Constitution Day Event
Built Habeas Commons within Gone Gitmo installation to simulcast conference on interrogation practices. September 17th, 2007

Monday, March 17, 2008


By the graciousness of Annenberg, we now have eight acres to call a permanent home. We expect the build to be done this week and can officially host events again.

IML was so kind to give us a rooftop but our growing pains have been alleviated by the extra territory. Expect the Doha (built for the Brookings Institute!!) to become our torture contemplation area.

Mother Jones has an incredible story that is worth reading on the bungling of the way detainees have been handled at Gitmo:
Exclusive: Inside Gitmo with Detainee 061

Also, William Safire has written on the etymology of the term "water boarding."
It seems he might agree with the rest of us that water boarding constitutes torture.