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Thursday, March 19, 2009


Gone Gitmo was featured alongside amazing films like Waltz With Bashir in latest cover story for the International Documentary Association's magazine Documentary.

In an article titled When Docs Get Graphic: Animation Meets Actuality by Beige Luciano-Adams in IDA, the journal focused on work redrawing the boundaries of documentary:

"Some methods take more liberty than others. For filmmaker Nonny de la Peña, Second Life technology allowed her to expnd on issues treated in her prior documentary, Unconstitutional (2004). With USC Interactive Media adjunct professor Peggy Weil, De al Peña created a virtual Guantánamo Bay Prison, called Gone Gitmo. Here, users can experience first-hand - through their personal avatar-what it might feel like to don the orange jupsuit and have your rights indefinitely suspended. Using writings and testimonials of actual detainees to shape the virtual world, the project aims at new means of connecting viewers to the issues."

Full .pdf forthcoming.

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